Who Makes a Great AlignLife® Owner?

AlignLife is a business model designed to help chiropractors maximize their potential at every stage of their career

The beauty of AlignLife’s proven systems is that they are designed to help the newest and the most experienced chiropractors succeed — as well as everyone in between. Whether you are just finishing school, early in your first practice or have years of experience under your belt, AlignLife can help you operate more efficiently, build a solid and growing client base and drive revenue. Most importantly, it can give you more time for why you became a chiropractor in the first place: helping patients.

The new chiropractor gets a helping hand to start out strong

“AlignLife is focused on helping new practitioners avoid all the mistakes you can possibly make,” says Dr. Joe Esposito, founder. “To understand how poorly school prepares you to run a new business, I always talk about my first office meeting. I was sitting on the floor during the meeting because our furniture hadn’t arrived yet.  I asked my two staff to take some notes during our first meeting but we didn’t have any pens. I wanted to call the office supply store (before cell phones), but we didn’t have phones installed so we just gave up on our meeting. That’s when I realized that detailed, reproducible systems were needed to be successful in business. I spent the next 20 years obsessed with creating systems that would eliminate thousands of mistakes the average chiropractor makes when opening a new clinic or when managing an existing clinic.”

Some mistakes you will live with for years like when you negotiate your lease. Other mistakes, like hiring the wrong employee, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

AlignLife infographic about chiropractors reporting sense of job meaning

AlignLife has a 300-point template for opening a new clinic

The template includes such integral details as:

  • Location scouting and lease assistance
  • Secured territory with a minimum population of 28,000 people
  • Equipment acquisition through designated suppliers
  • Comprehensive design and buildout
  • Hiring guidance
  • Training
  • Computer systems
  • Marketing
  • Grand opening
  • Continuing education
  • Coaching

“AlignLife has simplified and streamlined the process after opening clinic after clinic,” Dr. Esposito says. “Our goal is to decrease the workload, decrease the number of mistakes, increase cash flow, and support the best clinical outcomes for the patient.”

The experienced chiropractor can grow his or her business and maintain a quality work-life balance

“For a doctor who’s already in business, AlignLife can serve them by creating more opportunities to build the patient roster and more efficiencies in the office, which combine to allow them to have better work-life balance, create more cash flow, and also spend more time with their families”, Dr. Esposito says.

AlignLife chiropractors in their office

“I was able to open six clinics in my first six years in practice, so I know what a doctor goes through when he or she is growing their business,” Dr. Esposito says. “ Every year, I was planning the opening of another clinic. But as I had more clinics, and more to do, I wasn’t able to spend time with patients or to have much of a personal life. That’s why we built AlignLife as a scalable business, one that provides for growth through higher conversion rates and higher retention without taking all of the doctor’s time away from patients or family.”

For instance, with AlignLife the doctor will receive assistance with:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media
  • Staff training
  • Back-office systems

“AlignLife’s core values are about helping patients experience greatness,” Dr. Esposito says. “We want our owners to experience greatness, as well, and these systems allow them to have that full, well-rounded and successful life — both in the clinic and when they’re at home.”

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