Maximizing operational efficiency and providing outstanding patient care are the twin pillars of AlignLife’s training model

AlignLife’s proven operational systems are only as good as the franchise owners and staffs utilizing them, which is why a thorough initial training program is complemented by ongoing and evolving training that encompasses back-end business operations, staff training and retention, business development and more.

Training and development at AlignLife are not static. Healthcare is evolving, chiropractic as a treatment methodology is certainly evolving, and so we work every day to keep up with – if not stay ahead of – the curve.

New doctor training builds confidence from the ground up

AlignLife training has been designed to meet the practitioner wherever he or she is in their professional journey. When our training team is working with a new doctor, it’s important to help ease that person into the role of owning a business in general.

Our training includes onsite as well as virtual education — so you can get the education you need in the methods that serve you best. And as the doctors grow their practices, new modules come into play so that their managerial and operational expertise expands alongside their professional development.

Creating an adaptable system for the experienced professional

A chiropractor who’s bringing an existing clinic into the AlignLife family has a different set of needs and expectations, so training and development has been created with that in mind.

Over time, a chiropractor running their own practice has become accustomed to wearing many hats. Marketer, bookkeeper, manager, doctor … you name it. AlignLife takes a lot of that weight off of you so that you can be more successful at growing your business and mastering your patient care.

The advantage of our team is that we have over a hundred years collectively in the chiropractic profession so there is not much that we haven’t seen or cases we haven’t managed. We are also very passionate about helping doctors create harmony in their business and their personal lives.

AlignLife is a team effort where everyone can engage

AlignLife believes in an ongoing, melting-pot exchange of data and clinical lessons, so we have an annual meeting where doctors get together and share best practices. Their staffs also meet to mine each other’s expertise on patient care and office operations. We also have as an online tribe where people can talk daily about best practices, systems and patient management.

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