A holistic approach to natural medicine means AlignLife® is a full, turnkey provider for a patient’s health needs

AlignLife is the premier model of a well-run, efficient practice that empowers doctors and their staff members to be present and attuned to patient needs without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Using technology to capture, serve and retain a growing patient base

“AlignLife uses custom technology to automate processes and help facilitate marketing,” says Dr. Joe Esposito, founder. “One tool we have to offer is an automated recall system. If your patients are missing appointments, our software — which is fully integrated with a project management system — automatically generates a task for the staff to follow up with a phone call to that patient who might be falling off their recommended course of care.”

AlignLife chiropractor in his clinic

AlignLife’s project management system allows the franchise owner and doctor to step away from micromanaging and take a bird’s-eye view to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Again, it’s about returning the practitioner to the patient.

Team meetings, constant collaboration ensure timely actions

“Each AlignLife clinic franchise owner and his or her staff meet weekly to assess the business by working through a comprehensive checklist. This allows for any potential problems to be dealt with quickly, and also promotes buy-in and accountability from everyone on the team,” says Dr. Cristina Esposito, COO.

“Whether you have a team of 10 people or you’re a team of two, we’re still going to go through each aspect of the practice to ensure that internal marketing and external marketing is being addressed, and that the clinic is continuously training on a weekly basis,” Dr. Esposito says. “It also addresses everything from web-based marketing to patient care. The core of what we do is ensure that we have the best clinical outcomes. Is there a patient who needs a phone call from the doctor? Is there a service that we need to follow up on for that patient? The meeting format has a tasks in place to help ensure the patient is getting the best care possible.”

As a former U.S. Navy officer, Dr. Cristina Esposito put a lot of weight on strong operations, checklists and protocols, and has worked to make sure that AlignLife’s systems are equally comprehensive and easy to follow.

Those systems and protocols ensure that you have the right outcome, so franchise owners and staff are not trying to figure everything out on their own. It’s very easy. It’s step-by-step and provides a path to the best outcome for the practice.”

    • Lease Negotiation
    • Build-Out Support
    • Online Training Manual
    • Website Page Creation
    • Financial Management Training
    • Operations Manual
    • Facebook Training
    • Nutritional Training
    • Monthly Webinars
    • Yearly Practice Analysis
    • Annual Conventions
    • Virtual Clinical Nutritionist
    • Customized Software
    • Media Spot Creation
    • Marketing Materials
    • Leveraged Buying Power
    • Team Building Adventure Trips

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