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Marketing the many positives of chiropractic is an immersive and complex process that AlignLife® has mastered

How important is marketing to a chiropractic clinic? The same as any other business — very. And most doctors have little, if any, expertise in this area.

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“When I first started practice, I was totally ignorant to what I needed to do to be successful when it came to marketing and creating awareness,” recalls Dr. Joe Esposito, founder. “And now above and beyond basic operations, we have complex marketing and new-patient generation. We have to be experts in social media and digital ads.  We have to be putting on webinars, classes, lectures and workshops. We have all these deliverables that have to be in place, and the average chiropractor with a single staff member does not have the expertise, time, or resources to handle all these job details.”

“That’s where AlignLife’s comprehensive marketing program comes in”, says Keri Biesecker, marketing director.

“A chiropractor once told me that their marketing class in school consisted of, ‘Hey, do Facebook. It’s free,’ ” Biesecker says. “Nothing beyond that. The AlignLife marketing team not only builds the social strategy for our clinics, which means we work to position them as the health and wellness experts in their areas – but we also create everything from social media advertising to more granular elements of a package, such as brochures or fliers for every campaign we offer.

“And we combine one-time efforts with ongoing promotions that we do on behalf of the entire AlignLife network of clinics.”

Customized programs allow for widespread community awareness

“From social media programming, from email strategies, to even making sure that their Facebook cover photo has been changed, we do it all,” Biesecker says. “Their patients and potential patients are being exposed to great information from all sides, and the doctors or staff didn’t have to do a thing.”

The AlignLife marketing platform involves a three-pronged approach: digital, traditional and grassroots. By maximizing all three, the widest possible range of consumers in a territory can be reached.

“We’re going to analyze what, if anything, that doctor has done,” Reilly explains. “If they haven’t held a workshop, we’ll help them learn how to do those. If they are doing workshops and not generating new patients, we’ll focus on that. Our goal is to take the many marketing strategies we have, adapt those to that clinic and that market, and then help raise awareness and convert prospects to patients.”

Let us tell you all about AlignLife’s many brand differentiators.  Click here for more information.

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