How is AlignLife different from other chiropractic-oriented franchises?

AlignLife’s chief goal is to help every patient live up to his or her physical, mental and emotional potential. That means offering a full range of chiropractic services, but also providing support through supplemental services including functional medicine, lab testing, weight loss and more. An AlignLife clinic is a “one-stop shop” for natural, integrated health.

Do you need to have operated a clinic before becoming an AlignLife owner?

No. New chiropractic-college graduates embrace the AlignLife model because they do not have the experience in place to operate a business successfully, and we provide everything they need to not only open a solid practice but also spend time with patients rather than trying to learn how to run a business on their own.

Can you convert an existing clinic to an AlignLife franchise?

Absolutely! Many of AlignLife’s most successful franchise owners are Doctors of Chiropractic with many years’ experience who wanted to learn how to make their businesses more efficient and more profitable.

Does AlignLife provide training?

Yes. AlignLife franchise owners benefit not only from startup training, but also through ongoing webinars that provide remote learning that fits their schedules, as well as on-site visits to help them drill down to anything that’s impeding their success and create the change they need for their business to grow and thrive.

What kind of support do you offer franchise owners?

We provide industry-leading, comprehensive support for all areas of the business:  business, marketing, clinical, finance, staff training and operations. Our online training programs are available 24 hours a day. We have a ticketing system that ensures your concerns are handled in a timely manner and analytics can be monitored to ensure expected response times are met.  Additionally, each franchise owner has their own Development Coach who can guide you regardless as to what point in the journey you find yourself. And of course, and we are always just a phone call away. Tell us what you need, and we’re ready to go to work with you.

What kind of owners is AlignLife looking for?

The typical AlignLife owner is either a new chiropractic-college graduate or a Doctor of Chiropractic with two or more years of experience who wants to improve office management and profit or is looking to grow market share by creating a network of clinics. AlignLife owners are passionate about chiropractic and want to master management systems that help them build success. They also are dynamic personalities, skilled in building relationships through networking in the community while also providing outstanding patient care.

What are AlignLife’s core services?

  •     Chiropractic care
  •     Functional Nutrition
  •     Lab Testing
  •     Weight Management