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On September 24th, 2019

AlignLife Expands Its Chiropractic Training Centers

New AlignLife Training Center Coming to the Carribean A brand new AlignLife Training Center is coming to the Carribean under the direction of Dr. Sebastian Bonnin. The Center is set to open in 2020. “We have the training systems and infrastructure in place for aggressive expansion plans in the Carribean and are extremely excited for ...

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On September 17th, 2019

AlignLife Adds Functional Lab Testing

Comprehensive Wellness Lab Panels Now Available at a Cost-Effective Price Maintaining our commitment to overall wellness and to helping our patients reach optimal health, AlignLife chiropractic franchise is now offering comprehensive laboratory testing at an affordable price.  “When you walk into an AlignLife clinic, you are going to be exposed to subluxation-based chiropractic care with ...

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On September 10th, 2019

AlignLife Opens a New Market: North Carolina

New franchise opportunities coming for elite chiropractors throughout North Carolina AlignLife continues to expand our reach throughout the South East in North ...

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On September 1st, 2019

AlignLife Provides a Home For Elite Chiropractors

Clinically astute chiropractors find long-term career paths with our industry-leading chiropractic franchise AlignLife is one of the nation’s most clinically-advanced chiropractic franchises. ...

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