AlignLife Provides a Home For Elite Chiropractors

Clinically astute chiropractors find long-term career paths with our industry-leading chiropractic franchise

AlignLife is one of the nation’s most clinically-advanced chiropractic franchises. A top reason many chiropractors have already chosen to join our movement and change how the masses view chiropractic care is because of our culture. We provide the most advanced clinical care to patients.

“AlignLife provides an integrated chiropractic offering that includes overall wellness and nutrition. Our goal is to help patients experience greatness in life by reaching their optimal state of health,” stated Dr. Cristina Esposito, President and co-founder of AlignLife.

In addition to being experts in chiropractic and natural health services, AlignLife also has expertise in guiding doctors to success. “To help doctors achieve the greatest success in their careers, we use objective measurements to highlight the career path that best fits their needs,” Dr. Cristina Esposito continued.

Helping Chiropractors Achieve the Right Career Path

Traditionally, chiropractors have two career paths to choose from — opening their own practice or joining an established team as a practitioner. These paths are determined on the doctor’s goals, work ethic, and behavioral analytics. Unfortunately in our profession, the traditional chiropractic “right of passage” is for doctors to open their own practice. But if business ownership is not in their DNA, this causes many great clinicians to suffer, struggle, and in some cases, fail. 

Dr. Stephen Franson, an international chiropractic practice management expert stated, “I would estimate, based on behavioral analytics, that approximately 30% of chiropractors have the DNA to go into business ownership. The other 70% should become practitioners where they receive advanced clinical training, a strong salary, and a career path that allows them to express their love for clinical excellence and patient care.”

Chiropractors that are wired to own their own business and manage all the components to success (marketing, finance, legal, human resources, etc.) can take the franchising lane. With this path, AlignLife provides the answers to thousands of questions that need to be answered to start your own business. We also guide new doctors through the process of securing financing, signing a lease, designing the clinic layout, marketing, financial management, patient communication, staff training and much more. 

“Of all the doctors that we’ve had joined the AlignLife organization after graduation, I don’t believe there is one who wouldn’t say they gained ten years of experience in their first year in practice,” stated Dr. Joe Clarino, Director of Training at AlignLife. “We provide the academic training, the live scenario training, the coaching, the mentorship, and the clinical support to help new doctors have the confidence to open their own business. Our process eliminates the painstaking, nerve-racking, financial risk doctors experience as a sole practitioner on their own journey. At AlignLife, for those that want ownership, they can gain all the support and guidance they need while still maintaining 100% ownership of their business.”

AlignLife is passionate about helping chiropractors reach their potential in regards to who they are and where they want to go. We will help new chiropractors understand the two lanes they can travel, and most importantly, how they can find out which lane will innately provide the greatest success for them, both financially and emotionally.

Are you an elite chiropractor ready to provide the most advanced chiropractic offering in America?

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About AlignLife

AlignLife is a growing chiropractic franchise providing a full-service wellness experience. AlignLife specializes in creating well documented clinical outcomes while helping patients reach their goals. When the public thinks about getting results with chiropractic, they think about AlignLife. For more information about AlignLife’s franchise opportunities, visit