AlignLife Expands Its Chiropractic Training Centers

New AlignLife Training Center Coming to the Carribean

A brand new AlignLife Training Center is coming to the Carribean under the direction of Dr. Sebastian Bonnin. The Center is set to open in 2020. “We have the training systems and infrastructure in place for aggressive expansion plans in the Carribean and are extremely excited for this new endeavor,” stated Dr. Joe Esposito, founder and CEO of AlignLife.

The first AlignLife Training Center was housed at AlignLife’s initial home office in Peoria, Illinois. All training was completed at that location for the first eight years until the Atlanta, GA training center opened in 2018.

The idea for training expansion started in 2017 when AlignLife had the opportunity to bring on a leader in the chiropractic industry, Dr. Joe Clarino, as the Director of Training. For those that know Dr. Clarino, once he has a creative vision in his mind, he brings his vision to reality at all costs.

“I love to cast a vision and create something out of a simple thought and picture in my mind,” shared Dr. Clarino. “Throughout my life, I have been able to design, build, and paint anything I can visualize. I plan to do the same thing in regards to the AlignLife Training System.”

Dr. Joseph Clarino trains elite chiropractors and how to grow their clinics.

Part of this vision includes mentoring students from chiropractic schools and leading them through a comprehensive training matrix. This matrix, designed to enable doctors to have the confidence and experience to act on their feet, consists of online academic training, competency testing, and onsite live scenario training.

“I want to help my fellow chiropractors create an environment that provides the best clinical experience for patients,” continued Dr. Clarino, “while also creating the best business framework so the doctors and their team can experience financial success and freedom.”

Dr. Sebastian Bonnin, AlignLife Director of Business Development for the Carribean, is now helping bring Dr. Clarino’s vision to life in his community. Dr. Bonnin has owned a very successful chiropractic clinic in Puerto Rico for over eighteen years. He will be running the Carribean Training Center which will be open to doctors from the Carribean as well as Central and South America that want to join the AlignLife movement.

Dr. Sebastian Bonnin, AlignLife Director of Business Development for the Carribean

“I remember discussing my vision with Dr. Bonnin before he joined the AlignLife movement,” stated Dr. Clarino. “Our profession suffers from brand identity. Dr. Bonnin and I share the same desire of empowering chiropractors — under a unified brand — in a way that better serves both the patient and the doctor. AlignLife provides a solid brand identity and vision for us moving forward by providing subluxation-based chiropractic care embodied around a wellness lifestyle.”

“Dr. Bonnin takes his time embracing new opportunities,” stated Dr. Joe Esposito, “but once he commits, he takes action fast. Within 90 days of joining the AlignLife mission, Dr. Bonnin bought two AlignLife clinics in the states. Action speaks louder than words and this shows that he is a man on a mission.”

Dr. Bonnin is planning to unite his colleagues in Puerto Rico and present chiropractic under a unified brand of high-quality chiropractic care. He is also providing opportunities for Americans to come down to the island and undergo an intensive three-year program to learn how to run a clinic. Once they gain success in the program, he will fund doctors to go back to the United States and open their own clinic.

“I want to empower doctors to be leaders in their communities and bring chiropractic to the forefront of healthcare in their neighborhood,” stated Dr. Bonnin. “My program is called the Carribean Chiropractic Experience, and we are taking applications for those interested in being an empowered chiropractor.

I pushed the AlignLife corporate office to engage in a blend of onsite and virtual training for chiropractors,” Dr. Bonnin continued. “After a little convincing, the AlignLife Training Team has added the technology to make it happen. During our first beta test with virtual training sessions, we were able to train chiropractors simultaneously at our Illinois training center and in Puerto Rico. It is time that we embrace the power of technology to help push our agenda of bringing chiropractic to the masses.”

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