AlignLife Adds Functional Lab Testing

Comprehensive Wellness Lab Panels Now Available at a Cost-Effective Price

Maintaining our commitment to overall wellness and to helping our patients reach optimal health, AlignLife chiropractic franchise is now offering comprehensive laboratory testing at an affordable price. 

“When you walk into an AlignLife clinic, you are going to be exposed to subluxation-based chiropractic care with a detailed history and consultation, a comprehensive examination and advanced x-ray imaging if needed,” stated Dr. Joe Esposito, CEO and co-founder of AlignLife. “As chiropractic becomes more and more mainstream, it is important that we serve the overall wellness needs of our patients. We can now accomplish this by completing a comprehensive lab profile using functional parameters for body wellness.”

Laboratory testing commonly performed at a conventional medical office has an extremely wide range of “normal” that is known as “pathological” or “disease state” ranges. When patients are outside of those wide ranges, they are in a state of crisis or disease.

“AlignLife takes a functional or healthy approach to laboratory analysis with a much narrower range in regards to each laboratory test. When findings fall outside the functional ranges, we can use lifestyle modification, dietary enhancements, and nutritional supplementation to augment the imbalance and help the patient regain an optimal state of health,” shared Dr. Joseph Esposito. “We simply catch the potential for chronic disease—such as heart disease and diabetes—before they are labeled as a chronic disease, and we make an impact before drugs or surgery are ever needed. The public is more educated about health and wellness than ever before in history and they are demanding, in fact, starving for this proactive approach to healthcare.”

The AlignLife approach to health is similar to an oil change and tune-up versus waiting for the day you need to rebuild your engine. Americans put more attention on the health of their cars than the health of their bodies. AlignLife is committed to making a change in the conventional health paradigm with its new functional laboratory assessments. 

Are you an elite chiropractor ready to provide the most advanced chiropractic offering in America?

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About AlignLife

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