Have you been wondering how to move forward in the chiropractic profession and both grow your business and your practices?

Hosted by Dr. Joe Esposito, CEO & Co-Founder of AlignLife, Align Your Practice podcast will help you realize your true potential and create the practice and life of your dreams. For more information about AlignLife go to AlignYourPractice.com.


Dr. Matthew Lawrence returns to the Align Your Practice podcast to give some advice on how he and his wife, Dr. Marian Ortíz, have learned to navigate their work and home lives. He and Dr. Joe Esposito discuss boundaries, working styles, setting schedules, and most importantly, communication.
On this episode, Dr. Matthew Lawrence expresses his opinion on associateships and details his hopelessness from opening his first practice at the height of the COVID outbreak. Host Dr. Joe Esposito stresses the important power of mindset and warns how easily victimhood can destroy a business or relationship.
Dr. Joe Esposito is joined by Dr. Adam Martinez from Katy, TX to explore how mindset can make or break your business. In the midst of inconsistent revenue growth, Dr. Martinez took his wife and team to AlignLife’s annual convention. With passion and purpose reignited, his business grew 130% over the next three months! The doctors also speak about humility and service, the importance of compliance with systems, the state of health in this country, and much more.
Dr. Brian Bord from AlignLife Nexton returns to the Align Your Practice podcast to speak about his experience running a fully operational chiropractic and wellness center in under 400 square feet. Bringing in the most revenue per square foot that Dr. Joe Esposito has ever seen, it is clear that bigger isn’t always better. The doctors also discuss the pros and cons of existing inside facilities like Bold Fitness and Gold’s Gym.
Dr. Joe Esposito invites Dr. Brian Bord from AlignLife in Nexton, SC to talk about his experience as a doctor who, even though he had been practicing for over 20 years, was not totally fulfilled. Systems seemed to be the missing piece to Dr. Bord’s purpose puzzle. After joining AlignLife, he also found the support of a tribe of chiropractors with the same goals and motivations that continue to fuel his passion for serving his patients.
Dr. Renny Edelson returns to the Align Your Practice podcast with more advice to any chiropractor dealing with personal injury cases. His ability to retain patients on wellness care programs, even after their claim has been paid out, is very rare in the industry. Listen to what he and host, Dr. Joe Esposito have to say about that in this informative episode.
On this episode of Align Your Practice, Dr. Joe Esposito welcomes Dr. Renny Edelson to the podcast. Dr. Edelson is an expert in personal injury cases while continuing to maintain subluxation-based AlignLife practices in central Florida. PI cases tend to have a stigma attached to them, and yet, the patients are still in need of quality care. Drs. Esposito and Edelson discuss how to manage these issues successfully.
Dr. Taylor Hoskins from AlignLife of Woodstock joins Dr. Joe Esposito once more to talk about her resistance to systems and how she came to embrace them. According to them both, they allow for better leadership, more time off, confidence, and clarity, among other things. Do you think systems are confining and controlling or a tool that creates freedom in your practice?
Many chiropractic students think once they graduate, the hard part is over. They’re licensed doctors now. What could stand in their way? In this episode, Dr. Joe Esposito talks with Dr. Taylor Hoskins about her experience overcoming the adversities of opening her own clinic. From lack of funding to bad hiring practices, hear how she persevered through determination and support from the AlignLife tribe.
Dr. Kristina Carman, naturopath & nutritionist, returns to the Align Your Practice podcast to talk about the benefits of incorporating labs in a chiropractic clinic. She and Dr. Joe explain how labs can be efficient tools for chiropractors who want to aid in their patients’ overall wellness. In this country’s “pill for every ill” mentality, people have lost control over their own health. Dr. Carman and Esposito examine what just one popular medication can do to your body and how that could be avoided by seeing a chiropractor that uses lab testing.