Have you been wondering how to move forward in the chiropractic profession and both grow your business and your practices?

Hosted by Dr. Joe Esposito, CEO & Co-Founder of AlignLife, Align Your Practice podcast will help you realize your true potential and create the practice and life of your dreams. For more information about AlignLife go to AlignYourPractice.com.


Having graduated from Sherman College in 2020, Dr. Andrew Quick hasn’t lost a sense of what it was like in chiropractic school, even while running his own AlignLife practice for the past 2.5 years. His advice to students who are starting to feel the pressure of the unknown?… Watch the episode to find out!
Powerhouse chiropractor, Dr. Sebastian Bonnin talks to Dr. Joe about the difference between harmony and balance and how it affects your personal and professional life. You can be taking all the right steps, making all the right moves, and still be ineffectual if you are not living in harmony. Take some time to hear what he has to say in the full episode.
Dr. Joe welcomes Dr. David Foster on the podcast to talk about the process of selling your practice for maximum value. They discuss how chiropractors often want to sell too quickly and jump at the first offer or don’t present themselves as professionally as they should to get a higher valuation. Dr. Foster goes through the steps necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
Eric Rahn, Chief Operating Officer of AlignLife, joins Dr. Joe to break down the necessary financial components needed to sustain, grow, and expand your practice. If you have any questions for Mr. Rahn, you can reach him at erahn@alignlife.com.
Dr. Tabor Smith returns to the podcast to explain why he incorporated a nutritional component to his spinal hygiene program. He and Dr. Joe examine the needs of discs and ligaments for optimum rehabilitation and regeneration. For more information on this program, go to spinalhygieneproducts.com!
Dr. Joe is thrilled to have Dr. Tabor Smith on the podcast to talk about his revolutionary Spinal Hygiene program. Akin to brushing your teeth twice a day, spinal hygiene is meant to strengthen, align, and improve motion through daily exercises. For more information on this program, go to spinalhygieneproducts.com!
With nearly HALF of their new patients coming from external marketing, Dr. Raymond Nichols and his wife, Dr. Mariya Shaeffer, are clearly doing something right. Dr. Joe Esposito has Dr. Raymond on again to give some insight on delivering the true message of chiropractic to the community.
Dr. Joe Esposito has Dr. Raymond Nichols on the podcast to share his thoughts on the power of mindset. He speaks of humble beginnings, determination, obstacles, and success. His commitment to serving the community drives him forward towards that goal every day, one patient at a time. If you are looking for some inspiration today, listen to this episode.
Returning to the Align Your Practice podcast is Dr. Joe Clarino to talk about his journey in leadership as a doctor, a business owner, and a champion of chiropractic. He and Dr. Joe Esposito work through the mindsets and belief systems necessary to lead in a world of unknowns.
Dr. Joe Clarino joins the podcast to talk about the different versions of oneself that are needed to grow into a more genuine you. Along with Dr. Joe Esposito, they discuss leadership, systems, and limiting beliefs. And a car ride neither doctor will soon forget!