We are a chiropractic franchise designed to help chiropractors thrive by letting them do the work they love while building a successful, efficient business. We offer a comprehensive, multifaceted wellness setting with multiple revenue streams. In addition to our unwavering dedication to patient wellness and satisfaction, we help our franchises drive efficiency in their day-to-day operations through targeted training, access to highly automated processes, and state-of-the-art technology. This combination of efforts helps you successfully grow your practice through patient attraction, conversion, retention and team building.

Offering whole-patient services in one location builds loyalty and generates revenue

AlignLife was designed to treat the whole patient through hands-on chiropractic services, functional nutrition lab testing and weight management. These combine to create a “one-stop” source of treatment and wellness for patients while generating a scalable revenue stream for the chiropractor.

Natural solutions are in high demand from consumers

AlignLife owners benefit from the scaling popularity of chiropractic treatment. Consumers want alternative, natural solutions to everything from obesity to chronic pain and fatigue. They are willing to invest in exercise, nutrition and other wellness efforts to live their optimum lives.

AlignLife infographic describing the size of the industry

Chiropractic sits in the center of such a comprehensive wellness plan. Physicians routinely refer their patients to chiropractors as a valuable addition to their overall health and wellness regimen. As the traditional medicine world continues to move toward a “pay for performance” reimbursement model (where optimal outcomes are rewarded) rather than a “fee for service” structure (which focuses on tests and procedures) look for this collaboration to continue.

“Right now, the health care landscape is changing,” says AlignLife founder Dr. Joseph Esposito. “In medicine, group practices are an effective way of consolidating functions and streamlining operational efficiencies. AlignLife is able to capture that idea for chiropractors and has built a concept that leverages all the positives around marketing and business practices. That’s one reason why this is an ideal time to join AlignLife.”

Our purpose is to unify principled chiropractors, support their mission, and substantiate their services by publishing practice-based research and exposing the efficacy of chiropractic to the world.

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